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One of the most important steps in raising a building represent the fireproof works, because this scourge can destroy in only some minutes all the goods accumulated over years of work, even more, can put in danger humans life. A part of our company work is focused on this field therefore EUROPLASTIC designed and manufactured a product intended for this purpose. Our product, named Top Firestop is an intumescent paint which has the main role to prevent the fire ignition and stop the propagation.

Fireproof, with Top Firestop paint

This paint can be applied on some material which is compatible, such as wood or metal. It can also be applied on thermal insulation foam, both outside and inside.
The security against fire is not just a necessary work, but mandatory, so any other measure which can prevent or reduce the disaster that a possible fire might cause is welcomed, and if that measure is an effective one, then her application can be even more useful.
The care that everyone has to manifest in terms of protection against to fires require to make some protection measures to the house or other buildings where is holding different activities.

The advantages of fireproof paint

The paint create by our company prove a higher level of thermal-protection and is intended to treat both wooden structures and made from metal. Basically, they become isolated by the factors which keep the burning, while spread the fire can be controlled. It is a preferred way of protection, from more points of view: it is very efficient, has an affordable price, fast implementation and high resistance over time. Another advantage noteworthy is that, in contact with fire, not exhale any chocking gas or flue. Once applied on wood structure or metal, the paint transform in an isolated membrane. This, under extreme temperatures or under fire action, has a carbon foam appearance which offers ideal protection against fire.

Our objective is a good method of protection against fire

Our company has created over time a number of products for construction, using the latest technology, which respect ISO 9001 quality standards, therefore, you can be assure that using the paint Top Firestop created by us, your house will have a good protection against fire.

One more reason to choose it, it’s the fact that has an easy application and dries quickly. Also, is compatible with a wide range of soils and can be applied in different thicknesses. You have won and aesthetically and can choose the colors that you prefer, giving to your space a pleasant look, personalized.

The products designed by our company, including fire protection paint, has been recognized for their qualities and efficiency of our customers, so we want to ensure that the efficiency and quality still represent our motto.

TOP FIRESTOP is a professional product intended for fire protection of various construction materials.

TOP FIRESTOP is an intumescent paint with the ability to stop the fire and the flames spread.

The intumescent paint TOP FIRESTOP was special designed for being applied on wooden supports, the thermal insulation with polyurethane foam on the metal structures, both interior and exterior.

It is resistant at water and other external atmospheric factors.




Este rezistenta la apa si la ceilalti factori atmosferici externi.

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