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Polyurea EUROPOL®

Waterproofing with polyurea is the latest technology with excellent physico-mechanical properties which cause a good resistance to various actions, such mechanical strikes, heavy traffic, explosions, assaults birds, acid rains and hail.

The supreme endurance test is proved by military applications. Surfaces threated with polyurea EUROPOL® were tested for explosions with military anti-tank bombs. It was observed the attenuation of armature bending where was applied the material, without damage the polyurea EUROPOL® layer applied.

Polyurea coating technology is the most modern and endurance, being the leader in USA.


Our company offers EUROPOL polyurea in 3 variants, according to your needs.

Pure aromatic polyurea – designed to obtain waterproofing membranes for protection of buildings, metals corrosions protection, for bridges, tanks, filler, platforms, landfills etc.

Hybrid polyurea – part of polyurea hybrid based on new combinations between polyols and polyamines designed to obtain waterproofing membrane for protection of building and metals corrosions protection.

Aliphatic polyurea fastness to light – offers hydro protection and protection against to corrosions on different surfaces which not allows the change of the color to light and/or under the action of the UV rays.


Roofs – is excellent for waterproofing cover and for protection, especially for insulations with polyurethane foam.
Cover of tanks – protect the tanks from steel against to corrosions, chemical substances, natural elements etc.
Cover of tubes, conducts, fittings – EUROPOL polyurea proved to be much more resistant than other solutions, such as the paint. Maintenance costs are lower.
Cover of bridges – EUROPOL polyurea is much more durable than paint, being the best solution for bridges covering, especially those made of metal and concrete.
Theme parks and decorative design – in theme parks is using frequently polyurea with coat protection. It’s used, also, to create the ornamental buildings, figurines, artificial rocks, pools, lakes etc. It has applications in the film industry and in theaters, to create the scenery decorative.


We produce, apply and sell polyurea EUROPOL®.

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