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Synthetic floors

It is already known that synthetic floors are extremely appreciate, especially in spaces which has high requirements in terms of their resistance to different factors, durability and last but not least, the aesthetic look.

Our company executes a wide range of such floors, depending on customer preferences, at the highest standards. Among types of synthetic floors which we make, includes epoxy, polyurethane and decorative. Any kind of this floor which you prefer on your space, we ensure that our professional team applies with the biggest responsibility and with highest quality, using modern materials and high performance.

Epoxy synthetic floors

Epoxy floor range is perfect adapted to spaces like production hall, restaurants or buttery, offices, residential spaces, underground garage, commercial or deposition spaces as well as laboratories.

Epoxy system presents various advantages that recommend these types of spaces, among which we might enumerate an excellent resistance to physico-mechanical resistance, at shocks and abrasion, inclusive at the action of chemical factors.

By plane and perfect continuous surface, without combinations and joints, it gives a special ease for maintaining a remarkable hygiene, and their maintenance can be made without efforts or additional costs. Beside all this, the look of this synthetic floor is special and pleasant, thanks to variety of colors and shades available.

Synthetic floors using polyurethane systems

In case if the concrete surface has to be repaired, protected or decorated, our professional team is capable to provide the most quality and esthetic floor, using polyurethane system.

Perfect for surfaces for production halls, commercial spaces, car-washes, underground parking, restaurants, offices or homes, this type of floor present several advantages that make it preferable to another traditional types.

It’s about the resistance to physico-mechanical actions, to abrasion, shocks or chemical actions. As epoxy floors, this has a very pleasant aspect, thanks to large range of colors available.

Decorative synthetic floor

The three component system based on polyurethane resin is used by us to achieve decorative floors. This system named Top Crete is created by us and is manufactured from polyurethane resins. It is ideal to apply on concrete surfaces, coating in this way the holes or cracks, and bump too, which has resulted from the concrete pouring. The floors resulted are tough and have great mechanical resistance. More than this, they are very resistant to chemical factors, to solvents or petroleum products and are environmentally friendly and non-flammable.

The experience and the professionalism of our team will ensure the realization of synthetic floor at the highest quality, durable and very aesthetic.

We want to convince our customers about our responsibility and greatness, therefore we ensure that we fulfill all the commitments as well as the deadlines. Also, we offer the warranty of our works which we execute, therefore, to choose us is the best option, in terms of synthetic floor realization.

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