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Pardoseli Sintetice Epoxidice

Our company offers the best solution for repair, protection and decoration of surfaces from concrete – epoxy systems (epoxy floors), in a wide range of colors, recommended for:

✓ Industrial halls;

✓ Storage;

✓ Laboratories;

✓ Commercial spaces;

✓ Underground parking;


✓ Service and car wash;

✓ Canteens, restaurants;

✓ Offices;

✓ Residential buildings;

✓ Production sections of food and beverages industry.

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The advantages of using epoxy systems (epoxy floors):

✓ Excellent resistance to physical-mechanical-shock demands, and to abrasion;

✓ Very good resistance to acids actions, bases, salts and lubricants;

✓ High durability;

✓ Very good resistance to water;

✓ It can decontaminate;

✓ Low maintenance costs (allowing easy cleaning);

✓ Improves the look of the room;

✓ Their surface is perfectly flat, smooth and continuous.



Products are approved by the Ministry of Health.

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